Eric Poole was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a farming and industrial hamlet best known, in the 1960’s, for its Quaker Oats factory (the entire town smelled like oatmeal). There, he excelled in television viewing and falling over the railing of the family’s split level foyer.

Along with his parents and sister Valerie, he moved to St. Louis, Missouri, in 1969 – a move that launched him on a personal and spiritual odyssey that continues to this day, some forty years later. Evidently, he’s a slow learner.

Eric remained in St. Louis from 1969 until 1988, when he moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career as a sitcom writer – “pursue” being the operative word, since this career was never actually caught. (It’s a long and ridiculous story, one he’s saving for another memoir.) He has spent his career in advertising and marketing, winning more than thirty pieces of overpriced metal for his efforts. For 15 years he was a VP of Marketing at the Fox Television Network, and he now serves as Managing Partner of Second Sense Creative and Director of Marketing for Brand g Vacations.

The first time Eric ever told anyone (outside the family) of his Endora alter ego occurred, at a week-long spiritual growth seminar called Insight. Once divulged, the attendees called him Endora for the rest of the week, and an idea was born. It would be years, however, before he began to write about this belief in magic and the journey that it prompted.

His first book, Where’s My Wand? One Boy’s Magical Triumph Over Alienation and Shag Carpeting, was published by Amy Einhorn Books (an imprint of G.P. Putnam’s Sons, part of Penguin USA). His second book, Excuse Me While I Slip Into Someone More Comfortable will be published Spring, 2018 by Rosetta Books.

He lives with his partner of 15 years in Los Angeles and Palm Springs.