A recent headline on NPR:

Fewer beheadings in Tijuana thanks to Calderon crackdown.

The report went on to say that hopes were high among shopkeepers that travelers would soon begin returning to the border city. Now, I could be wrong, but it seems a tad optimistic to position a lower chance of decapitation as a tourist draw.

This is like Iran trumpeting,

Now With Less Imprisoned Hikers!

Or North Korea declaring,

Torturing Dissidents Without Electrodes since 2010!

I can’t quite envision flocks of Americans lining up for a donkey show, secure in the knowledge that their odds of making it back to the hotel with their heads on are now 2-to-1.

I would suggest that we legalize certain drugs, regulate them heavily, and tax them, but that would make me a crackpot. Better to waste billions on a losing battle of drug enforcement. Because when it comes to tourism at the U.S./Mexico border, nothing says Trip of a Lifetime like winding up dead.